Metroplan Town Planners and Urban Designers was established in Pretoria during 1979. To meet the needs of our clients, the company has assembled a team of qualified and registered Town Planners with a range of experience and abilities to cater for an array of town planning and development related services.

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METROPLAN is a firm of professional Town Planners and Urban Designers which is in business to identify, serve and satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients in both the public and private sectors in the composite fields of planning and development.

METROPLAN employs a strategic and developmental approach for every planning action that the company is involved in, with a specific emphasis on conducting work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Through the innovative and creative use of its expertise, knowledge and cutting edge technology, the company will continue to provide a service of the highest quality, thereby satisfying the varying needs of relevant stakeholders.

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Planning and development has entered a new dimension with a shift towards sustainability and the integration and maximization of scarce resources. Metroplan not only recognised this change but is a pro-active participant, introducing innovative and applicable planning and development solutions. Metroplan’s pro-active approach to planning contributes to the formulation of a social, economic, environmental and political acceptable framework that stimulates policy changes. The company has accepted the challenge to remain sensitive to the continuing changes occurring in South Africa, and to ensure that needs and expectations of its clients are met and exceeded.


As part of client services, Metroplan will analyse the multi-disciplinary requirements of a specific project, advise the client accordingly and assist in the establishment of a multi-disciplinary team to effectively expedite the project. The professionals include inter alia consulting engineers, land surveyors, architects, research institutes, development agencies and environmentalists.


Metroplan makes extensive use of cutting edge technology and software packages to have an advantage in a competitive market. These facilities together with the highly-experienced staff ensure a workforce capable and able to execute projects in an efficient and competent manner.


Metroplan Town Planners and Urban Designers in collaboration with Siyandisa Trust, an Investment Trust which is 100% black owned, categorises as a Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) with 51.22% Black Ownership of which 30.73% constitutes Black Women Ownership. Based on the current Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification Certificate (RS-12343-0720-C75) Metroplan classifies as a Level 4 Broad-Based BEE Contributor with a Recognition Level of 100%.

For additional information on Siyandisa Trust visit their website at www.siyandisatrust.co.za.